Beth Greener

Associate Professor

Ever wondered why a country was at war, why political events occur, or why the Government made a certain decision?

Dr Beth Greener has. As a child she watched events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and the First Gulf War, and wondered: Why is this happening? What does it mean? Those questions have led her around the world, with even the United Nations seeking her advice.

From Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands to Japan, Italy and Belgium, Beth’s fascination for security issues and her occasional role as a Track II diplomat has left her with many stamps in her passport.

A Track II diplomat is an academic scholar, a retired civil or military official or a public figure, who heads overseas to engage with counterparts to discuss areas of conflict and co-operation.

Growing up Beth was always curious about what was going on in the world. Her father, Dr Peter Greener, also has a PhD in politics, so family dinners always involved meaty discussions.

Beth’s passion for the world of politics took her via Auckland and Canterbury, to the Australia National University and then on to Oxford.

She has spent the past few years researching the rise of international policing and this has led her being involved with the UN helping them answer questions like: How do you provide security for people? Where are the rights of individuals and the rule of law in conflict or post conflict situations? When do you send in the police over the military?

Today Beth also shares her knowledge and experience through her position as a Senior Lecturer in Politics and Policy at Massey University.