Claire McLachlan

Professor in Early Childhood Education

Claire McLachlan is having a practical impact on Kiwi kids’ day-to-day pre-school care.

That means an impact on literacy, and their ability to learn throughout their lives. And that’s getting international attention.

Professor Claire McLachlan is a lecturer and researcher in early childhood education at Massey University  She coordinates the postgraduate early years programme and is currently researching literacy in the early childhood setting: an intervention study to promote phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge.

The Massey approach to Early Childhood Education is radical in New Zealand, and rare around the world. Claire McLachlan’s research and advocacy of it has helped result in interest from countries all over the world, keen to emulate the system.

Student teachers in Singapore already learn the ‘Massey way’. A Swedish university has also sought out Claire and other Massey lecturers to teach an international Early Childhood Education paper. Massey’s ECE graduates are in so much demand, some are being offered up to four different jobs.

Claire’s work is potentially having an impact on children’s lives, all around the world.