Gaven Martin

Distinguished Professor. Mathematics

At seven years old Gaven Martin was already challenging his teacher’s calculations of how fast the earth orbited the sun.

Since then he has fast-tracked his career through becoming an Ivy-League associate professor and New Zealand’s youngest-ever professor (at the age of 32), to one of the world’s top mathematicians.

His route to brilliant mathematician and academic wasn’t a given. Although Gaven showed an aptitude for maths from a really early age, his parents both came from big families of 11 and 12. Out of nearly sixty cousins he was the first in the extended family to go to university.

But he did, and today he’s right up there with the world’s best. He’s earned enough international accolades, medals, been made a member of prestigious international societies and has made breakthroughs that put him up there with the world’s best mathematicians today. But he still lives in Auckland.

We don’t have enough room to list all of Gaven’s awards, honours and accolades here. Suffice to say his CV includes appointments at some of the top universities in the world – Yale, Berkeley, Michigan and ANU, the awards and fellowships come from all around the world – the USA, Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Today his research interests include non-linear analysis, elliptic partial differential equations and geometric function theory, particularly as it interacts with conformal geometry, quasiconformal mappings and their generalisations.

He also works in low dimensional topology and geometry and a bit of geometric group theory.

He’s received very many awards and grants, both national and international, for his work. He is not just a New Zealand mathematical treasure, but a global one.