Hamish Gow

Internationally-renowned agribusiness expert

Think agricommerce means sitting around looking at pictures of paddocks on your computer all day? Think again.

Hamish Gow, agricommerce and agribusiness expert, has worked and travelled on almost every continent on earth. He’s helping make the world’s food safer and more affordable.

The international Food Safety Network the Massey University professor founded is having a huge impact on food safety in developing countries. It’s an internationally-awarded project that provides freely available online resources and training for workers in developing countries. It’s now used in six nations with more to follow.  His work has caught the eye of the World Bank, keen to work smarter in sustainable growth in food supply.

Hamish’s dream is for New Zealand to be part of a system that produces safe, affordable food for everyone, anywhere all the time – and for New Zealand agribusiness to be key players in that.
In real terms – it’s also about putting a stop to world hunger…. but in a profitable manner!

He has worked for and consulted to a huge number organisations – the European Commission, OECD, IFAD, USDA, USAID, and numerous domestic and international businesses, multinationals and farmers’ organisations.  He currently has active research and market development projects operating in Eastern Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Southern Asia and Australia and is on some of the most influential global agribusiness-related boards in the world.