Nathan Bond

Director of Investment Banking, UBS, USA

As Director of Investment Banking for UBS in New York, Massey graduate Nathan Bond works with companies worth up to US$20 billion, and on average more than $500 million. 

The bank itself has a market cap of $60 billion – about the same size as the entire value of the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Nathan started to get interested in financial markets and the sharemarket when he was a teenager. It was while doing his undergraduate degree that he realised investment banking interested him the most.

After completing a Bachelor of Business Studies and a Masters (with First Class Honours, BTW) Nathan taught at Massey for a few months. He then headed into the corporate world via the BNZ, where he worked in corporate banking for around a year. Since 2005 he’s been with UBS, one of the world’s biggest financial services groups, first in Auckland, then in New York.

As Director of Investment Banking he works in the ‘investment banking department within the bank’. His team specifically works on advising mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions – both debt and equity. It’s all about giving large companies strategic advice on optimizing the use of their capital or how to raise more of it.

He admits the sums of money are sometimes a bit daunting, but it’s something you get used to. “At the end of the day the principles of the work you do are generally the same, regardless of the figures involved.”