Russell and David Brebner

Bachelor of Engineering(Hons)

Fingertapps, a New Zealand-based company,run by brothers David and Russell Brebner, is leading the world in the development of multi-touch software.

In 2009 they won a contract with Dell to supply touch technology applications for all their hardware . From there they’ve gone into negotiations with huge global computer companies like INTEL, ACER, ASUS and SONY.

Today they are leading the world in Windows applications for touch and gesture technology, with their software installed on millions of devices around the world.

Russell and David Brebner started their company in 1996. Today the company employs 22 staff (many of whom are Massey graduates).

It was invention of their touch technology in 2006, that sent the company skyrocketing.

“At that time the way people were interacting with computers was changing,” says Russell, “we wanted to get ahead of the game, to look for a more intuitive/appealing way of interacting.”

TVNZ tell the story here (note Fingertapps was previously known as Unlimited Realities) The company made a move to developing NUI – Natural User Interface solutions. That’s about doing things not on the computer’s terms, but based on what people want, naturally (like when your gmail saves emails without you having to press save).

Then they got a contract with global computer company Dell, to provide the screen applications across all their devices. The deal was to propel Fingertapps onto the international stage.