Sarah Gibbs

Co-founder of Trilogy

Accountancy graduate Sarah Gibbs and her sister started up the internationally-successful natural beauty product company Trilogy– and in 2012 sold it for millions of dollars.

SarahGibbsTrilogy.pngHer successful business career had its start in her accountancy degree at Massey. She then travelled and worked her way through Hong Kong, South Africa and London. When she returned home to New Zealand, she worked with her father in a business exporting ‘raw’ rosehip oil.

After a trip to the UK, she and her sister realised that despite the emergence of a trend for natural beauty products in Europe and the UK, there were slim pickings in New Zealand. She saw how adding value to the ‘wonder oil’ to create a new brand could be a global phenomenon. And it is!

Sarah didn’t know anything about producing a beauty product. But she says having a successful business is about having a good product, some good base business skills, using your common sense, and getting expert advice.

In fact, Trilogy‘s business model relies on the expertise of others. Sarah and her sister developed the brand, and manage it. They are the face of the company and keep everything running smoothly and make strategic decisions on expansion, product and brand. The manufacturing of the products is managed by experts in cosmetics, distribution is managed by international distribution experts etc.

In the end, the absolutely vital ingredient for any business owner is to know you are selling a great product that really works.