Ian Williams and Anders Warn

Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons)

Mates since school, Ian Williams and Anders Warn studied food technology together at Massey, and put their knowledge of food technology, engineering and design (and beer) together to create a world-first.

After 5000 years of brewing, they have created a machine that allowed people to brew the perfect beer at their own home or workplace. That machine is the WilliamsWarn, a world-first relatively-compact beautifully-designed home-brewing machine.

Since launching in 2011, the company has won awards for almost everything, including their brand, PR, design of the machine, and, for the beer that the machine produces.

A WilliamsWarn brewer won Gold for his Pilsner at the Asian Beer Awards, with his 3rd batch in a WilliamsWarn, beating 45 full-scale breweries. It was the first time a homebrewer has ever beaten the big players.

Anders has worked across a broad range of industries around the world, specialising in business improvement.
Ian asked Anders to join him to help invent the Personal Brewery, in order to tap into Anders’ extensive engineering knowledge.

Ian was the first New Zealander and youngest person in the world to be awarded the Master Brewer qualification by the Institute of Brewing, London. In 1998, a beer he made beat 188 other beers to win the title of The World’s Best Lager at the Brewing Industry International Awards.

In 2006, after absorbing the knowledge of over 60 breweries in 20 countries, Ian returned home to create the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. And they haven’t looked back.