Kayaking golden girls ready for Olympics

April 13, 2012

Kayaking golden girls (and Massey students, of course!), Erin Taylor and Lisa Carrington chat about their London Olympic preparations.

“Kayaker Lisa Carrington is counting down the days until the London games where she will try to turn world championship gold into Olympic gold.

But the K1 200 will not be her only focus – Carrington will also be chasing success in the K2 500, with partner Erin Taylor.

Taylor and Carrington are the poster girls of New Zealand kayaking and both are keen to live up to that billing at the London Olympics.

“You don’t go to the Olympics just to compete,” says Taylor. “We want to go there and we want to do well. We want to be at the front of the field but we just want to focus on our preparation and our performance.”

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